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by Rob and Sharon Dale

Rob and I have so many memories of Dave and Glenda and Lyndsay and Brandon. The best story I can tell is a weekend away for the four of us and little Lyndsay. We took what should have been a 5-6 hour drive to Lake of Bays where we had rented a cabin at Foxwood Resort. Needless to say, Dave wanted to take the scenic route to get there, the drive was 10 hours and we arrived a midnight. Had to wake the owners up to get the keys. We had a fabulous weekend of relaxing and there are so many typical Dave memories. It was a weekend of practical jokes and pranks all pulled by Dave, but lots of fun and laughter.

But for Rob and I the best memory of Dave was his great love for Glenda and his children and we will keep with us forever.

RIP Dave you will be missed and are greatly loved.

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