Dave's Poetry

Dave was so much to so many people - a loving husband, caring father, supportive brother, coolest uncle, and true friend.

Unbeknownst to many, Dave Lewis was also an incredibly talented poet.

This page contains some of his many works of art.


Inside Answers

Here I lay day and night,
Wondering what is wrong or maybe right.
I listen to the quiet night
I know there is wrong, but I see right.
My mind reflects like a movie camera,
The silence is broken, is that a hammer.
No it's the knocking on the door,
The memories come flooding even more.
Come on in and share your life,
Things will be food without the strife.

Here I lay night and day,
Looking for that special way.
You have the answers to it all
It's just a matter of hearing the call.
Look for answers in every place
We know life isn't just a race.
You may not know what they say
Come inside and stay away.
So come on in and share your life
Things will be good without the strife.

— Dave Lewis, 2016

Inside Answers by Dave Lewis

The Window

I'm sitting in the window watching time go by
I know why I'm here but I wonder why
Can it be a mistake from the past.
Will it go away or will it last.
I reflect back on the road that I took,
It's like the chapters of a book.
From page to page you search for clues
From page to page you read the news.
The dark clouds drift night by,
I sit in the window and now I know why.

— Dave Lewis, 2016

The Window by Dave Lewis


Here today, gone tomorrow.
No more pain, no more sorrow.
No more hate, and no more crime,
All there is are space and time.
We will meet around the corner,
Please don't cry or be a mourner.
Life was good, life was great.
Always stay with me, and be my mate.

— Dave Lewis, 2016

Always by Dave Lewis


It is family that really matters.
Forget the noise and the chatters.
You block out what they may say,
You pretend you've gone far away.
With love in your heart that's here to stay.
Family matters, there's no other way.

— Dave Lewis, 2016

Family by Dave Lewis

Untitled 1

I love my daughter, I love my son.
I love my wife, we are one.
It's so good to be close to you,
It doesn't matter if we are happy or blue.

— Dave Lewis, 2016

Untitled 1 by Dave Lewis

Untitled 2

Thank goodness for family, and for friends,
For nurses and doctors that help with the mends.
I try to listen and do what they say,
Sometimes it's hard, I'm stubborn that way.

— Dave Lewis, 2016

Untitled 2 by Dave Lewis

Untitled 3

As I lay here in my bed,
I finally reason with my head.
It may be dark in my room,
But I can see with the moon.
Thoughts come and thoughts go,
Like the seasons through to snow.

— Dave Lewis, 2016

Untitled 3 by Dave Lewis